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In the commercial real estate world, asking rental rates are an often-cited statistic. Quarterly market reports reference asking rates to track market performance, brokers publish asking rates in marketing materials for available spaces and news sources compare asking rates in one city versus another to showcase differences in affordability.

While asking rental rates are a useful indicator when analyzing a commercial real estate market like Austin, they only tell part of the story.

Another important part of the story is the concessions and escalations given to tenants when leases are signed and the impact they have on net effective rates.

To highlight their importance, in this quarter’s special report we have used AQUILA’s database of office lease comps to dig into the subject, including:

  • What are lease concessions, escalations and net effective rates?
  • How free rent has changed
  • Types and prevalence of escalations
  • Analyzing tenant improvement allowances
  • Changes in net effective base rates

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