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AQUILA lets you set your preferences so you get emails that are most relevant to your interest. Here are the emails you can choose from:


AQUILA Daily Update

Frequency: Daily

The AQUILA Daily Update is a daily newsletter in which we curate the day's top commercial real estate and Austin business stories from across local and national press outlets. 


Availabilities/Property Announcements

Frequency: Varies

Get property updates including new listings, new announcements, property milestones, and more. You can also select which property types you are interested in: office, industrial, retail, and/or land.


Market Research Reports

Frequency: Quarterly

Get the latest market reports delivered straight to your inbox. 



Frequency: Varies

Are you a landlord or project leasing broker? Sign up for this list to receive emails from our tenant rep team looking for specific space requirements on the market. 


Monthly Available Inventory List

Frequency: Monthly

Get an email on the first of each month that will provide you with information about any new or unique properties as well as a link to our property search. Our property search contains the most up-to-date information on AQUILA's availabilities so you won't miss out on an opportunity. 


Learning Center Newsletter

Frequency: Monthly

Each month, we curate our learning center articles, videos, tools, and downloads into one comprehensive newsletter for easy reference. 

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